Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa is coming! Santa is coming!

The kids were so excited when they woke up on Christmas Eve!  This year was definitely the best  year yet as the kids were really excited and Bree is at a fun age.  Our plans for Christmas Eve was to get all dressed up for Christmas Eve Service at church, then all of my Mom's side of the family to come back to my house for our annual big Christmas Eve festivities. 

Church was amazing as usual and I was so excited to dress the kids in their matching outfits that I had for months!!! The party at our house was so much fun and Santa had instructed me to give the kids early that night, "Just Dance" Wii game so that we could all dance and laugh until it hurt at each other dancing!!!  Mom and Jake gave everyone Christmas PJs and ours included monogrammed tops :).  It was a fantastic night and the kids literally passed out without laying out cookies for Santa!!  By the end of the night, Bree started showing signs of the same sickies that Owen had the day before in SDC (which he was over that morning), so we knew we were going to have a sick baby on Christmas Day...but she was still in good spirits!

Shane and I decided to change up Santa tradition this year and wrap all their presents from Santa.  We loved how it turned out, but we made a rookie mistake and did not wrap anything until that night!!! We were up until 3am!!!!!  It was fun and the kids had a great Christmas morning...but before we get there, here are tons of pics from our Christmas Eve (once again, Thanks Aunt Tara!)...

Up next, Christmas morning!!!!!!


Brandi said...

Your kids are sooo stinkin' precious!! I mean, can they be any cuter!! And the matching outfits, too die for!! Looks like you all had a fabulous time!!!!! Great pics!

Janelle Norman said...

Love the matching Burberry outfits!