Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jingle Bell Rock

This past Friday night was Claire's Company Dance Christmas Party.  It was a fun night with her dance buddies and she had a great time.  The girls always dress up so cute and make for some cute pics :)....that night, I caved and gave the kids a Christmas present early, all new pjs :)...so of course we took pics HA!!

The next morning was the local Christmas Parade. I LOVE PARADES!! This was the first time Claire was ever in one, her Dance Company had a float. So we bundled up, took Tara, Nonna, Poppy and Jace and had a fun time and froze our toes :)...many pics!!!!

This blog is titled Jingle Bell Rock because Claire tells me that this song is the best Christmas song to dance to....now you are informed :)!!  Hope you are staying warm, drinking hot cocoa and listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks as much as I am :)!!

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Rae said...

Hi! I read your sister's blog and yours too through hers. I was just wondering where you get all of those super cute personalized shirts for your adorable kids? It seems they always have great personalized shirts and I love personalized things. I'd love some for my kiddos. You can email me at 5kraeg@gmail.com if you want. Thanks!