Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet boy...

I am in my office working and I see Owen in the dining room playing around, getting into stuff I am sure. I am not too concerned as nothing has broken and I hear him talking to himself (if you consider "Dada....mama..." talking =)). At the same time, Tara and Claire are in the living room playing Mario Kart on Wii. I start wondering why he is not in there watching, trying to take the controls from his sister. So I go check on him and he is just quietly sitting on the bench in there (climbed up himself) looking out the window. I tell him "Well aren't you just sweet and cute", he says "CHEEEEEEESE". It was so funny, I just had to go get my camera and fulfill his request =).

(BTW - he is not wearing a shirt because he just finished a GREEN icing frog cookie that Aunt Tara brought him=)).

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taralauren24 said...

haha future brad pitt!