Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day weekend with swimming...and a buzz cut??

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! We spent every day swimming at my Dad's, and then of course we had a party Sunday night!! All of the family came over and Shane grilled some awesome burgers. All of the Brown kids had a blast...the adults too =). Drew, Tara, Nicole and Neil (and their puppies) pretty much stayed with us, at some point, all weekend. The kids LOVE their aunts and soon to be uncles (well Neil not officially, but we claim him =)).
We tried to take Owen for a hair cut Saturday morning, but Tubby's was closed. His hair was getting so long and shaggy, but we would just have to wait...so I thought. Monday morning, Shane gets the lovely idea that HE could cut Owen's hair. You see, Shane has been shaving his head for a long time now and has the good clippers to do it. I was reluctant at first, but he assured me that it would not be too short. Well, it is short, but absolutely adorable. My baby boy does not look like a baby anymore!!! I included pictures that Tara took for me (she is so good about making sure I have good pictures for blog posts) and I was a mess, stressed out about the HUGE clumps of hair falling!! There are tons of pictures below in order from Saturday through Monday, so you will see Owen go from old hair to new, clean cut, stud cut =).

Swimming Saturday afternoon...

Getting ready to go swimming Sunday afternoon...
Owen did not want his picture taken...
Running away...
Finally a shot...I know, I know, WT shirt =).
Of course, Claire will give us a great pose and smile!!
The posed shot - showing off the new beach bags Nonna and Poppy got us for our vacation...Claire with her cheesy grin and Owen with his "so not digging this" face - PRICELESS!
Shane manning the grill Sunday night...in my apron =).Poppy was the man and loaded the bubble machine...

Claire chasing bubbles!!
Claire and Sterling
Owen chasing a lone bubble...All of the Brown boys...Caiden, Owen, Clayton and Sterling...

Sterling taking the drinks to the kids...such a good helper!
Me, Mom, and Tara
Sterling starting a new trend... Claire joins him...
Even Tara and Brooke join...=)

And the BUZZ Cut!! Note: Owen is NOT happy, we had to break out the Oreos!

The mess...
Look at all that hair!!
Isn't he a stud!!!Claire driving the boat!

So tonight, me, Shane and the kids are sitting in the living room, all really tired. Owen is fussy, Claire is so quiet.
I say to Shane "Wow, the kids are exhausted, they had a long weekend!"
Shane says: "Yeah, Claire are you pooped?"
Claire: "Nope, I haven't yet."
Hope you had as great of a weekend as we did!!


Brittney said...

I love OWen's haircut...makes him look even more like Daddy! Nice Hooters shirt too! :) Looks like you had a fun weekend! Can't wait to see you guys in a month!

taralauren24 said...

owen is a stud! claire is so funny! haha

Vhiel said...

the kids looks like they had a great time :)

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