Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brilliant Quotes from Claire Isabella - #1

I am starting a reoccuring blog titiled "Brillant Quotes from Claire Isabella". For those of you that know our brillant daughter, she always keeps us on our toes and laughing! This morning was no different...

We are in the McDonald's drive thru getting breakfast (don't judge, at least they were eating breakfast =), sometimes it takes a few biscuits to cure bad moods in the mornings=)):

Claire - "Mama look, somebody drives an American Idol car!!"

Mama - "HUH? What are you talking about?" I look over, thinking I will see someone driving a care with maybe an Idol sticker or something??

Claire - "Right there! Parked in the parking space"

I look again - all I see is a Ford Explorer..."Are you talking about that car?"

Claire - "YES", that car, that's the American Idol car!!

Mama - "That Ford Explorer"

Claire - "YES, the Ford is the American Idol car!"

Then it clicks...she is referring to the Ford commercials that they air on the show, starring the remaining idols of that week.

Told you she was brilliant =)...stay tuned for many more quotes!!
Have a good day!!

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taralauren24 said...

hahahahaha.. i think you could have a whole blog dedicated to claire quotes! she is so funny