Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Party, but with a

So, it was the usual weekend here at the Brown's, a huge party. But this party was more dramatic than the usual.
We threw a graduation party for our best friends, Kyle and Christie Huggins. They used to be our neighbors and moved away last summer. Since then, they had two adorable twin babies, Blake and Lauren (you can see them at their website in my list of Favorite blogs). Kyle graduated from the UofA this weekend with his doctrate. We threw a party to celebrate, as well as a reunion for all of our friends to get together and see them since they moved. In total, there were about 40-50 people here at my house, including about 20 kids!! The party was supposed to be an outside party, but the weather was bad. Just as the guests all arrived, the weather took a turn for the worse and we were put under a Tornado warning. The house was complete chaos with a ton of kids running wild, TV up full blast, and all the adults trying to act like they weren't scared (everyone but Lane, she was freaking out and they actually left =)). In the end, we had to get all of the women and children in the laundry room and guest bath under the stairs, VERY tight squeeze...there were even 4, nine month pregnant women!! There was an actual tornado coming our way, but it turned. Shane took the picture of it below from Owen's bedroom window.
After that, the party was awesome! Everyone wore red to celebrate Kyle's alma mater. You know that every party of mine has a dress code =)...

Kyle and Christie - WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! MISS YOU SO MUCH!!

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