Tuesday, May 7, 2013


5 things that have currently made me smile...

Had to travel last week and this text exchange with my crew made my week :)

There are very few things that cannot be cured by Butter Toffee cupcake from Bliss :)

Taught my big girl how to tease her hair....my pretty southern girl :)

This boy in his Cinco De Mayo shirt....there is no way you are not smiling at that...

Last night, this was Bree dancing and celebrating after watching Cinderella because the shoe fit!!!  She also told me "you da best mama in da whole world!"

So blessed and have so much smile about these days!!

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Haute Mommy said...

Hey, hey! I just noticed my link in your blogroll. Thanks so much!!
Does your sister still blog? I used to read hers religiously but I can't remember the link now. I didn't blog or read blogs for like 2 years, just getting back into the groove. :)