Monday, May 6, 2013

Dancers and T-Baller

Shane and I have been pretty fortunate so far in that the kids' schedules have worked out and we have been able to do everything this year. Claire and Bree have dance classes and Owen is playing t-ball.  We have a busy schedule, but it works and we are honestly enjoying ourselves.  

Claire continues to grow as a dancer is doing so well this year!  She is in quite a few dances and they have done great and won many awards at competitions (including quite a few first and second places!).  Here are a bunch of dance pics....

This is their trio - Hollywood! Musical Theater - Claire is center :)

Here are a bunch of other pics from competitions and her other dances :)

Owen started T-ball for his third year last month - this year is an "Indian".  He loves it and so do we.  Daddy helps coach this year and Owen is getting the hang of things :).  Here are a few pics so far...

I will have many pics of Bree soon from her very fist dance recital in a couple weeks :).

Happy Monday!


Julianne @ Bogs and Bows said...

Cannot wait to be a dance mom!

Erin said...

Such cute pictures!! I pray I get some girls one day so I can be a dance/cheer mom :)