Thursday, May 2, 2013

10 Facts about me...per Shane!

Long time, no blog!  Life has been crazy as usual and I have tons to catch up...but I thought I would post something fun today rather than get all caught up :).  

I have seen so many of my fave bloggers posting this fun post where they ask their husband to list 10 random facts about I sent Shane an email this morning and asked him to do it! He quickly responded back and I laughed at his here you go...his are in black and of course I have comments, they are in Red.

  1. You never miss an opportunity to cooperate in one of these games. Ha! Very true and he sandbagged this fact :).
  2. You love your family more than anything. Yes sir!
  3. You believe there is no such thing as too many pictures. Agree! Too bad he and the kids cannot get on board with this!
  4. You love shopping...even online at work. No comment needed :)
  5. You love to be in a position to help others. Love this one and very true.
  6. You aren't shy about your faith. Thank you Lord that I don't have to be shy about it!  Yall know this is true about me, I love that he knows too :)
  7. You love romance but married the most unromantic man ever and now you're stuck with him :) HAHA - true, but I love him anyway :)
  8. You love and hate your dogs. Very true!
  9. You love dancing, but married a man who HATES dancing :( Enough cocktails and he will a white boy :)
  10. You never feel you are doing enough as a mother despite the fact that you are more involved in your kids' loves than most mothers I know. This made me tear up.  Love my Shane.

Join in too!!!  This was fun! Happy Thursday!

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Erin said...

HI Rachel! I started googling around to find other football lovin' women and I'm so glad I found your blog!! You have such an adorable family and your little 'about me' section reminds me so much of all the things I love--especially big bows and guacamole ;)

Anyway- just wanted to say HI and let you know I'm excited to start reading along!!