Monday, March 12, 2012

Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week!

Holla bloggas!  Been a busy bee lately and have not made enough time to blog.  So let's catch up, shall we?!

Last week was one of the most fun weeks ever!  It was the inaugural Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week.  All the local boutiques, designers, and other volunteers put on a fabulous week of Spring Fashion to benefit many local charities.  It was a week long event that we (me, Mom, Tara, and Nicole ) attended and it was so fabulous and so much fun!  We had so much fun planning outfits, getting dressed up, and partying all week.  The first night was a "shopping night out" with all the local boutiques.  Each store had a party and we bounced around shopping and taking pics :)...later we went to dinner, just the four of us :)

Tuesday was rehearsal for the fashion shows.  Claire and Owen were both models in the Kids' Day Show. More on that later :).

Wednesday night was the first fashion show.  It was a preview of all the local boutiques.  Each had one model walk to give us a hint of what was to come later in the week.  Tara walked for Impressions and of course she rocked it :)...Nicole could not make it that night so it was just me and Mom hollering for Tara :)...

Thursday night was the local designer night!  It was so much fun and there were so many awesome pieces in it!  I was so impressed and we had a fantastic time...and of course took many more pictures!

Friday night was the first night of full boutique shows.  Tara walked for Lola and was just perfect! Sooooooo much fun!!  The clothing coming out in our local boutiques was making me so excited!!  We had fabulous time, dressed in neon yellow :) 

Saturday, during the day, was Kids' Day.  This was a chance for the local children's boutiques to showcase there stuff!  Tara helped coordinate this event and was great.  Claire and Owen made us all so proud walking the catwalk together for Three Monkeys.  This mama, of course, was cleaning mascara afterwards :)...Bree did not walk, so she hung with us in the audience  She was funny at the show though because she was terrified of the clown walking around and kept her eyes on him :)...

Then that's where my fashion week ended.  While we were at the kids' show, my back started hurting.  By the time I got the kids home, I could not even walk and ended up on my back all day/night in bed.  Shane was supposed to go with me that night and we had to stay home.  What made it even more sad, Nicole walked for Riff Raff that night and I had to miss it :(((.  Tara did get some cute pics and I got to see them all looking fab and Nicole rocking the run way :)...

I am pretty sure I pushed myself too much last week as this Mama is not used to that much in one week.  At least when I am chasing kids all week, I am not in heels and drinking cocktails.  A HUGE shout out to my Shane for taking care of the kids all week so I could go live it up as he put it as "Sex and the City" :).  Claire was thoroughly pissed when she saw the pics that she missed the night stuff :).  I am so proud to live here and proud of all the money raised last week!  I even got to meet a local celebrity and fashion blogger, Tulip Louise and she is just as presh and perfect as her blog!

Tara will be posting this week on her blog where all the dresses and clothes came from so look out for her blog!

Next blog, the fabulous Miss Claire, the dancing queen and all her dance competitions!



Taylor said...

Looks like you girls had a great time!!! And I seriously think Claire is suuuuch a mini Nicole! Which, I'm sure y'all have already discovered! It's just crazy to me how much they look alike. Gorgeous girls!!

Legallyblondemel said...

Looks like so much fun, though I'm sorry your back ended up hurting!

I adore both of those chevron dresses of yours - will check out that other blog to see if the designer is listed!