Monday, February 27, 2012

My boys

Saturday was a good day.  Tara invited all of us to go with her and Drew to the Razorback baseball game that day.  As much as fun as that was going to be, Shane had to be at a church convention all morning and Owen had a superhero (no girls allowed) birthday party to attend. Owen was NOT going to miss that party, not even for baseball or the Hogs :).  Being the good auntie she is, Tara still wanted to take the girls (Mom and Jake went too) and then we were to meet up with them after the game and all three kids were going to spend the night with her.  Now, I could agree to that.

Of course, the minute it came time to send the girls with Tara, I was sick with Mama guilt.  I had worked all week and here I was sending them with someone else.  Now, mind you, both girls were jumping off the walls in their Razorback apparel, excited to go. Shane told me to get a grip I should not be upset and let them go.  I said a quick prayer, asking the Lord if I was doing the right thing when they left.  About that time, Owen came up to me and said "So, I get to spend the day with you and Daddy, all by myself?!".  Thank you Lord!

His friend's birthday party was later that afternoon, so I went to lunch with just my two boys.  I realized we never get to spend time with just Owen, just three of us. It was hilarious.  He definitely had much more to say without his older sister interrupting or talking for him :).  If Claire is not around, the baby definitely is and if he is by himself, it is usually with either just me or just Shane.  It was so nice to just focus on him, both of us and hear what he has to say :).

He said a ton of funny things, but my favorite by far:

We were driving home and we pass a police car and Owen says:

"Mama, aren't you so proud that I have never been in jail?"

Yes son, we are so proud :)...

Happy Monday!!! 


Sunkissed and Southern said...

Ha!! That's so cute he said that!!! Love your blog & just wanted to say hi!

Kimberley said...

awww, sweet boy!!! and i agree, we need one-on-one dates! you just know they have to love that!! i need to do it more!!

Megan said...

Such a special time for that sweet middle child! I am not a middle child, nor do I have my own middle child yet but I can see how they would not get much alone time with mom or dad. Love that you guys had a great time together! And the girls had a blast with Aunt Tara and the rest of the fam! I know the momma guilt all too well, but you are doing an awesome job!