Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surprise Dream Bday!

So as we are walking back down memory lane...let's go back to January 7th.  If you go back to past posts in December, you will see that we had to cancel Claire's big 7th bday party (that included a limo, pretty dresses and a show!) because she was bad sick.  It was awful and we were all just sick about it.  I could not forget it and I knew that I eventually wanted to do something.  Soooooo, I realized that Claire had completely forgot about it and decided that I would throw her a surprise party to make up for it!  I invited only her closest friends to come over for a fun night of make up fashion and FUN pictures!!

Claire's Pink Pony Salon Party included:

Hairdresser (My little sister Nicole who is also known as the Queen of Hair) - to do all their hair!
Make Up Artist (One of our besties, Mandy - who in a previous life was an Estee Lauder make up artist) to do all their make up!
Wardrobe Stylist - (Tara - aka Mrs Jimmy Choos herself) to dress them in the ever so famous, sparkly wardrobe of her own!
FASHION SHOW! - Catwalk down my decorated stair case

I was the DJ and Mom was the Salon Manager that served them sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, pink fondue and of course, sparkling juice in champagne flutes!

It was soooooooooo much fun and a dream party for Claire....once she was over the shock :) see Claire did not have a single clue.  Shane took her out for dinner (on a date!) and we got everything ready while they were gone.  When she walked in, it was dark and we all screamed surprise as the lights went on.  She was so scared, she kind of freaked out panicked and about lost it threw her cup at me!  Once she calmed down, realized what was going on, she had a blast!  She apologized all night to me and told me "next time you give me a surprise party, give me some hints" :) here are a BUNCH of pics....sorry, could not decide and really didn't want to :)....enjoy!

Wow - I loved posting about that!!  I just love that girl and her buddies so much!!! Shane and the other daddies were not thrilled with some of the "looks" the girls rocked that night.  I can assure that I know that my Claire Isabella does NOT leave the house looking this way and she know that we only dress up at home.  If she does venture into playing with make up, she also knows that a certain chubby, curly headed grabby baby girl will be in the middle of it as well :)!!  Two events down...many more to go :)!

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