Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am back...way back to January ;)!

Well hello there!!  Remember me??  Been on a hiatus awhile, too busy, too many excuses, time to get my blog back in gear!  My kids are practically in college, well not really, but it has been 4 months!!  We are still the same family, trying to make it day to day, without forgetting anyone or having any major meltdowns :).  The hardest part with catching up is that, catching up!!  I have not blogged about NYE, my 30th Birthday, V-day, Claire's bday party, etc ETC!  So, I am going to hit you with highlights from the past 4 months and go from there.  So here is a picture over load from January...(if you want to see a ton more, go to my sister Tara's blog for every picture of my kids that are practically taken, if you haven't already :))...this is completely ridiculous, but I know I will be furious with myself one day if I don't see these posts.  So here we go!

New Year's Eve!  We kept the kids this year could not get anyone to babysit so we made it a fun night for us all.  I got all three of them dressed up, made Shane dress up and of course bought something pretty for myself :).  Mom, Jake and Jace, as well as our best friends the Williamsons, went out to eat with us and then back to our house to let the kids ring in the new year together...and us too :)!! Here are a ton of pics! 

Holy Moly! I just posted pics in April (almost May!) that have Christmas Decor in the back ground!!!  65 of them at that!  That is nuts and I think I will stop there for now as I have to get the cutest little boy I know to Tball practice! Yep, Owen is playing tball finally...I will be back with many more posts that only my family will want to see...and Boni, as she has hounded me to get blogging again :)!!
One last thing - praying hard for everyone that has been affected by the tornadoes in the south. Such a sad thing, but we know that our Lord is here for them and He will get them back on their feet. 


Ashley said...

So glad you're back! I was totally wondering what had happened to you the other day..but, like you said, there is always your sister's blog! *lol*

Glad to see you. Your family gets more adorable all the time. :)

Boni said...

Yay! This makes me happy! It's like reliving NYE again! Can't wait to relive the rest of the past 4 months! :)

Brandi said...

Sooo glad u r back!! The kids look soooo big and adorable!!!!!