Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday makes me happy!

I am happy on this Friday morning for a couple reasons:
  • This time last week, Claire was still shedding a few tears when we dropped her off at school, at her classroom door with her teacher (Owen walks in to class no problem, not even saying bye :))...I am so proud that today Shane was able to drop both of them off at the front door and big sister walked Owen to class and then herself to class, ALL BY THEMSELVES!!!!  She told me "I like being in charge!" :)
  • I have been sick all week, BLAH!! I have had the sore throat virus/cold the kids had a couple weeks ago.  Thanks to the help from Shane and a couple great Moms in our lives, I am better with a clean house and didn't have to cook dinner last night!
  • Bree slept all night last night!!!!  Now, she slept in OUR bed all night!!  This week has been brutal as she has been waking up, wanting to sleep with us, but she tosses and turns as she does not have much room and we are all up all night!  Well Shane had a store reset last night and she fell asleep with me in bed.  She sleeps on her own, not touching me, SOUNDLY in our bed and so much better than her crib.  When Shane got home, he just left her with me, slept elsewhere and we all slept like babies!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!  We have two theories: She hates the crib and we just need to move her into a big bed or She loves how comfy our bed is and we are going to make her crib more comfortable tonight....crossing our fingers for another great night!!
  • A JoAnn's store opened in our area and I made a haul on ribbon this week!!!  They had tons of solids that I cannot get at Hobby Lobby so I am soooooo excited to make some fall bows this weekend with a few of my buddies while the guys watch the Hogs beat on Louisiana Monroe! 
  • I am decorating the house for Fall tonight!!!  I have had the Fall scented wallflowers going for a week and I am ready!!!
  • I got Owen and Bree's Halloween costumes this week!! Claire's is now planned since I have Bree's, so that is a big thing checked off my to do list.  I actually got them cheap at TJ Maxx.  I am going to keep them to myself for now :)!
  • Bree starting saying "Uh Oh!" this week.  ADORABLE!!!
  • Dance class is now in session this week!! Claire has her first hip hop class tonight!
  • LASTLY IT IS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

    And lastly, just because I love her outfit today, here are some sweet pictures of my little Bree-Bree!! TGIF!!!!

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Charbelle said...

Oh my word that outfit is too precious!!!! Happy Friday!!!