Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another one of those days...

1. Wake up - snow on the ground, so cold that Cooper and Oscar need to be "chauffeured" out the back door =).
2. Realize schools are closed and that the roads are bad. Had to cancel our Monthly Kitchen Queens party. Me and Owen have a nutritional breakfast of Fully Loaded Baked Potato Lays and Chocolate teddy grahams =). BTW - Feeling much better now!!
3. Remember that Claire spent the night in Fayetteville with Tara (that's why it is so quiet=)), call Shane to set up a time to run other errands (I refuse to drive on bad roads) and go pick up Claire.
4. Bundle up to go with Shane, run a very bundled up Owen across the street to Mom, football in hand that he refuses to put down. I am sure Nonna is thrilled to see us come in with the football in her nice clean, calm home.
5. Shane and I had to get some papers notarized. Go to the bank, deal with older lady that looks and acts just as happy to be out in the cold as we do. She notarizes everything.
6. Get back in the car, head out towards Fayetteville to get Claire, realize nice lady forgot a form.
7. Go back to bank, get notarized again.
8. Go pick up Claire.
9. Drive back to Rogers, pick up lunch and head back to Mom's.
10. Shane leaves to go back to work, we eat lunch with Mom.
11. Bundle up me and the kids, Owen with stupid football in hand (do you know how hard it is to carry a 40lb child, bundled up, along with yourself bundled, with a FULL SIZED FOOTBALL), walk across the street in 14 degrees. Claire is dragging (obviously did not sleep much with Aunt Tara), Owen crying as he wants to kick the football across the street...
12. Get up to the garage, put in the code...doesn't work. Try again, doesn't work. THE GARAGE DOOR CODE THINGY DOES NOT WORK AND I DO NOT HAVE A KEY. IT IS IN THE HOUSE! Both kids are bawling at this point as they are COOOOOOOLLLLLDDDD!
13. Walk back across the street to Mom's, completely numb. (Thank God Mom lives across the street)
14. Call Shane to find out he can not let us in for awhile. Our van was in the garage, couldn't go get it, and we did not have car seats to go with Mom (plus the roads were bad).
15. Owen falls asleep on Mom. Claire falls asleep watching Spongebob.
16. I eat my weight in Twix.
17. 2 hours later, Shane comes home and lets us in.
18. We get home, kids are insanely wild, they got their naps.
19. I am working in my office. Owen is running around with a football helmet on backwards, Claire is putting her baby to bed.
20. Suddenly I hear INSANELY loud pulsing static! Then I hear Owen screaming bloody murder!!!
21. I run out of my office into Owen on his way there, football helmet over his eyes and he has no idea where he is going. He is scared to death and I still don't know where the sound is coming from. He is holding a large pole (don't even know where it came from).
22. Holding the howling monkey, I walk up the TV and realize the TV is making this LOUD sound. I turn it off. Owen has completely lost his mind and is pulling my hair trying to keep me from touching the TV.
23. I turn the TV back on and it is fine. I am pretty sure the pole had something to do with it.
24. Owen will not go into the living room now. He goes upstairs with Claire, who somehow was oblivious to the racket downstairs.
25. 5 minutes later, both kids are bawling.
26. I run upstairs to Claire holding her head crying and Owen laying on the ground, with a handful of Claire's hair, crying so hard, he is not making sounds.
27. After much persuasion from Claire, I find out, Owen was "not playing the game right" and she would not play. So he pulled her hair and she proceeded to punch him in the stomach.
28. It is only 4:30...what else is to come!!!???

Is it wrong that I am craving a margarita???!!! Poor baby, he or she is hearing this chaos and thinking "What in the world have I gotten myself into??!!" =) Hmmm I wonder if it will look like this....
or this...
What do you think?? Here's to a better night with a Lemon Lime slush from Sonic...non alcoholic!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

LOl! Poor thing!

Chad & Ashley said...

AW girl, crazy day! We need to plan lunch next week!!

Mojito Maven said...

oh my goodness your day was insane!!! I'm so sorry! i can only imagine how stressed and overwhelmed you must have felt!! I will have a mojito in your honor!!

Kristy said...
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Kristy said...

I'm sorry that you had such a rough day! I kinda got hung up on SNOW DAY... dang it... where was my snow?? =)
Hope tomorrow is better!

Lane said...

The only bad thing about bringing another one into this crazy alcohol for 9 months! :) (in my case even longer!) Oh well, it's well worth it in the end!
Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Amanda said...

Sigh, I am exhausted just reading that! What a day!

Amanda said...

And for the record, I am SO not sad that you had to cancel KQ tonight! I couldn't stand the thought of all that fun in my absence! =)

Brittney said...

Wow! I am tired just reading that! That Owen is a mess!!!! Howare you feelng...are you showing yet?

Carolyn said...

Oh man that is one hellova day you had there woman!!! I do love the breakfast you and O had tho, sounds so good even if you're not pregnant!

Those baby pictures are the cutest!!! Are you showing yet?

I will be thinking of you while in NYC, I'll take tons of pics!!!

Brooke Bertalan said...

Rachel, you poor thing. What a day....

Tara Gibson said...

oh wow! I heard about the garage door! What a day for that to happen! September 09... I am already planning a margarita night

Brandi said...

HA Oh my have you had a couple of days! At least it's FRIDAY!!! Hope you get some rest over the weekend! Man we didn't get a snow day! Boo! :(

Maggie said...

Oh Rachel... is it bad that I am laughing my head off at all your chaos?!?! I swear, Owen and Jonah could pass as twins. Last night, Jeramy was telling a story and got to a loud part and Jonah had made it into the (dark) dining room and heard him and started running towards us screaming his head off scared out of his ever lovin' mind. Kept saying, "SCAWIE, SCAWIE!!" Took forever to calm him down. He also carries a pole around (Sweepin Sam, minus the 'Sam'! LOL) And I just know he's going to put it through one of our TV's.

I busted out laughing at the Twix comment. Oh man, I could eat my weight in Twix and I'm not even pregnant!!! LOL BTW, I had a scare this week, and even took a test - was on antibotics for 2 weeks this month - and wasn't starting. The FIRST thing I thought of besides the fact that I was going to be knocked up while job interviewing (that's always fun) was being pregnant at the same time as YOU!! =) For a minute, I was a little excited, and then reality hit and I was thankful Aunt Flo came to visit!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

The Heckathorns said...

Oh, dear friend! I feel your pain! (minus the snow and the pregnancy) What we put up with to have these beautiful kiddos. I went over two years without drinking a drop! (I breastfed and was pregnant two years in a row...and no I didn't plan that. LOL!) In the midst of my heater problems, I have new "art" all over my daughter's expensive WHITE dresser and bed...and broken closet doors. LOL! :)

Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...

What a crazy day! Are you even Steven? If so, something wonderful is about to happen to you! Take Care! Love you lots1