Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mid Week Update

Brown Family Mid Week Update:

Owen ate an entire BRAND NEW packet of gum in just 5 minutes of quietly shopping at Hobby Lobby. Mama was quite impressed on how good he was being, little did she know...I am not joking, he ate the ENTIRE package, 18 pieces.

If you remember from the Halloween post, Daddy had a pipe. Daddy thought it would be funny to actually smoke tobacco from the pipe. 4 days later, Owen finds the bag of tobacco in the office, higher than Daddy thought he could reach. Owen then finds no interest in it and gives bag to Cooper and Oscar...who then track it all over the dining room...the ENTIRE package.

Owen dumped an entire LARGE DIET COKE WITH LEMON on his sister this reason, just thought it was funny (stole it from me when I was I looked away). Claire...not so amused.

Lastly - Owen was following Mama around yesterday morning as she was getting ready, saying "Daddy" over and over again. Mama acknowledged and kept going as she was. When Mama stepped into a wet puddle on the carpet, she then realized in fact he was not saying "Daddy", he was saying "tee tee". Owen had removed his diaper (he was just wearing a shirt from bed) and had "tee tee-ed" all over the house, mostly in the bathroom floors. The best spot - all over the ottoman in the living room.

In dog related news - Cooper and Oscar are now sporting new fall collars...aren't they handsome??!!

Bad news - Took Cooper to the vet this week as he had some yucky stuff coming out of his eye. Cooper is a regular at the vet, there is nothing that is not wrong with him, they love him there...not sure if because he is such a sweetie or the dent in my checking account. We found out that our poor Pug is blind in his right eye =(. Vet said that it is just par for the course for Pugs, but we were sad for him. He does not seem bothered by it...still can take off with a cookie faster than Oscar =).

And finally Miss Claire...Claire mastered the pull over and flip on the high bar tonight (well not so high, but it's high when you are little) and is very proud. Claire is also so impressed this week that Mama could make "britos" (burritos)...
Claire: "Mama, how did you know that these "gredents" go together to make "britos"?"
Mama: " I just know, I am sure Nonna taught me."
Claire: "Mama, you are just AMAAAAAZING!"
New word to her vocab. Maybe I should cook more =)

Claire had pictures today at preschool - very furious with me that I did not allow her to wear her Mermaid costume =). Apparently, the cute long sweater with the belt and leggings I sent her in were "hideous". Here she is this week in her tutu courtesy of Aunt Nicole. She was not wanting her picture taken...but I couldn't resist. Sometimes these are cuter =).
Hope you are having a great week!!!


Anonymous said...

TUTU & Uggs... So very Paris of you, Claire! LOVE IT!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such cute pictures! The beast just got a new collar too!!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Love the pics of Claire and by saying Owen ATE 18 pieces, do you mean that he had a huge wad in his mouth or he acting ATE 18 pieces!?


Rachel said...

Actually eating 18 a little vacuum! =)

Maggie said...

OK, O is CRACKING me up!!!!!!! I love it!! LOL Did he swallow ALL 18 pieces of that gum?!

I'm so so sorry to hear about Cooper; poor baby!! He needs some extra lovin!!! =(

Love Claire's back shot w/ her toes crossed on top of each other in the boots. So sweet! =)

Maggie said...

I just saw your comment... I'm not believing he swallowed the gum! LOL I'm am cracking up. =) Crazy boy!! Man, I wonder if that gave him a belly ache.

Brandi said...

Wow 18 pieces! That makes my belly hurt just thinking about it.

Oh and the tee tee everywhere. I can't even imagine! Oh the joy of kids huh! I will find out one day! :)

Claire is so adorable!! Love the tutu and uggs! What a combination! :)

Jim Ed, Amanda and Addison said...

Sigh. Boys... What can you do? And I love the O the Plumber picture!

Tutu & Uggs! Classic!

Nicole said...

Ha your little ones crack me up! Owen sounds hilarious!! I'm sure you spend the whole day laughing....or mad??? :)

Claire is a doll! I love the tutu and uggs. Such a cute pic!

And sorry about Cooper's eye. So sad!!

Tara Caire said...

oh my! owen ate 18 pieces! wowwee! I love those pictures of claire in her tutu and uggs! so cute! poor coop coop! We will all have to give him some extra lovin!

Brooke Bertalan said...

Wow. Claire looks like a model in those pictures.
I can't imagine how you do it. You are obviously Super Mom! I hope I am like you one day.

The Heckathorns said...

Claire is looking FIERCE in that tutu/uggs outfit! And I feel you on the whole gum thing. My two and three year old did that...but at least they shared a package. LOL!

Hugs to Cooper! Poor doggie! As long as you have one good eye, it's all ok right? :)

Brittney said...

That Owen...he sure is a fun little guy! So sad about Cooper...but if anyone can feel your pain on expensive Pugs, you know it is me! My poor Miller Man cost more than a used car! :)

Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...

Owen is so funny! I'm shocked he chewed so much gum at once! Quite impressive! I love Claire's outfit the boots kick it up a notch! Too cute!

Mojito Maven said...

yeah you say that but you and Tara ALWAYS look so amazing. When i wrote my post i was actually thinking of you because you always look so stylish in your pictures and it makes me so jealous haha. Can you come to Dallas and come shopping with me??? please? I think when i lose more weight I am going to start posting clothes I am thinking about buying and then get everyone's opinions.

Kristy said...

I gave you and Owen a shout-out in my blog because Kinley had her little ounce of destruction today! They are the perfect pair!!

I love the Uggs and tutu! She is sooo cute!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I love this pics, I can see O eating the gum or teeteeing, then giving that smile in the first pic, like how can you be upset at this face?! haha! And LOVE the tutu and uggs, I wish I could pull that off :)

a boy, a girl and a pug said...

the tutu and uggs is adorable and the pug's fall collars are so cute. i need to get on the ball and get my pug a cute collar.

Carolyn said...

He peed on all over the place and on the ottoman???!!! Boys are so funny!
I heart those pictures of sweet Claire, she is a HAM!

Lane said...

LOVE all the O stories!!! ;)

SO sad about Coopers eye! How terrible!

Claire looks so adorable in the tutu and uggs...her legs are so tiny!! fair! :)

amywelborn said...

That Owen sounds like a mess!! Those stories are hilarious!!

Hollie said...

as always, adorable pics!
Owen is a trip!
And Claire is such a diva!