Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend of LOVE =)!

Good grief!!! Where have I been?? I will tell you - up to my you know what in shower planning!!! It was another crazy one here at the Browns!! I threw Tara her big Couples Shower here Saturday night!! With the help from all of the fab women in my family, I think it was a huge success!! You can go to Tara's blog and see all of the details, but I wanted to post some pics of the kiddos all dressed up for the party =)...and of course some funnies!!

The lovely couple!!Big O - Owen loves him some cupcakes! I made them that afternoon and he was underneath me the ENTIRE time yelling "CUCAKE CUCAKE"! Well, while I was in the bathroom getting ready...and Daddy was supposed to be watching, Owen took it upon himself to serve himself one...OR 4!!!! Travis (The Perry's came and stayed with us) walked into the dining room and freaked out! Owen had icing all over his face and cupcakes everywhere =)!!

How cute is this shirt??!! I think this one is my new favorite =)!
Claire - She was such a big helper!! You can't really see, but she has some FABULOUS tall black furry boots on =)!!Claire and Emma!Owen and Sterling - We had 50 people here and these two are in the middle of every...WRESTLING!! Only at my house =)...also there were 5 dogs running around and kept on sneaking back in every time anyone went outside to sit at the fire pit!! =) Once Cooper just happened to be in the kitchen as I was filling one of the glass pitchers with Sangria from my stash in the fridge...well the big pitcher's lid I was pouring from gave and Sangria kind of went everywhere!! Cooper was stained dark red in places!! We got it cleaned up fast and I at that point, just laughed it off =)!Jess, Me, Erin and Brooke!Travis, Erin and Emma (and future Baby Perry!!!!!!)Little Sis Nicole and Neil!Me and Tara!Claire and JaceClaire signing the picture =)
Our happy and crazy family!!In the infamous words of Tara "Do something funny"!!It was a great time...but it is nice to have that behind us and now start focusing on the WEDDING...which me and Mom are doing!!! About a month away!!!!

Now to some funny Claire quotes from the weekend:
Sunday morning, getting ready for church - I am dressing Claire...

Claire - (pointing to her naked little chest) - "Mama, this is where my heart is, and that is where Jesus goes!"
Mama - (little tear in my eye) "You are right, sweet girl"
Claire - (pointing to her wet head from the shower) "And this is where my brain is...I wish I could see my brain, I know it is big as I am REALLY SMART"

This morning - Claire is not feeling real well (bad cold). I left Owen in the living room with "Imagination Movers" as I was getting dressed for the day. Claire was in bed. As I was getting ready I hear Owen saying "GA GONE GA GONE". I walk in to get him more juice and I see that Claire is up and is wrapped in a blanket, eyes little slits, not the best of expressions on her face...

Owen : "CAH, GA GONE" (translation "Claire, all gone!)
Claire: "Do I look like your mother?"

Today was family observation day at Dance, so tomorrow I should have a cute post of pictures of Claire in action =)...and of course this week's tutu shot! She is not feeling real well, but she was a trooper this morning! Owen loved it....

Hope you had a great weekend!! It has been so crazy around here and I am soooo excited that me and Shane are getting away this weekend with a group of other couples to a condo in Branson!! No kids, just adults!!! We have not had any time away in FOREVER, so we are soooo excited!! I was apprehensive at first as we have been so busy lately and have tons to do, but I am so glad he convinced me that we NEEDED to go!!

Happy MONDAY!!!


The Heckathorns said...

OMG, I want that shirt that Owen is wearing! LOL! Too cute!

Cupcakes disappear in this house as well...but it's usually due to the older people. (daddy and big brother. LOL!)

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

LOL, I am CRACKING UP at Claire's "Do I look like your mother?" comment...too funny! Her little outfit is just precious! And I love your jacket, too!

Lane said...

You threw such an awesome shower!! I wish I could get married all over again because this time I actually know what I'm doing! :) Tara got such good stuff!

Love the Claire quote! Hope she is feeling well enough for school tomorrow!

morewineplease said...

AWWWW that is so sweet about Jesus in her heart... LOVES IT!
Great pics.. looks like an awesome time!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Your kids are so precious! I hope my kids are that way one day! Yay, for your getaway this weekend!

Jessica said...

Yes!! Had a blast this weekend. I'll miss you this weekend, but have FUN!! I'm taking Tara shopping this weekend (go figure) shopping is the best.

Hope Claire feels better. She did should clogged up on Saturday!!!

Everyone looked fabulous as always.

Love Y'all XOXO

Mandy said...

Owen is such a cutie w/ that cupcake, and I love his outfit!!

Maggie said...

OMG I am cracking up at Claire!!! She is so funny!!! =) "Do I look like your mother?" OMG HILARIOUS

I stopped by Tara's blog and saw the shower pics... you did an awesome job!! Sounds like it was alot of fun!

Have FUN w/ Shane in Branson - I love the kids but I also LOVE when Jeramy and I can just get away by ourselves. It's not everyday, that's for sure!!

Brandi said...

50 people in the house! I know what you were going through. A couple of years ago we had a party and expected only around 30 people to show up and at one point I think we had close to 50 or 60 people there. Talk about being a nervous wreck!!

Claire's comments are too cute!! Your kids are so adorable!!

Have a great getaway weekend! You deserve it!!!

Tara Caire said...

AWESOME party! But I wouldnt expect anything less. Claire is sooo hilarious! Your kids are going to be absolutely gorgegous when they are older.. Shane better be ready : ) Have a blast in Branson and I expect a Silver Dollar City T-shirt. lol

Carolyn said...

You did such a fantastic job on the shower and I love your yellow satin shirt and jacket together! Looks like a great time!!

And Owen looks ADOR in that shirt, he and Claire are definitely too cute for words!!!

Tara is lucky to have such a thoughtful, great sister!

Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...

What a great shower! The kids outfits were just precious! Hopefully, this weekend won't be too busy! Ha, Ha!

Brittney said...

fun times...wish i lived near to enjoy some of these parties!!!! So what is the plan when you come to big D??? Can we hang out Friday night?

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

You are a rockin' sister! Great pictures, love O's shirt, and his hair cut is adorable! Claire is hilarious and stylin' and you look super cute too!

Hollie said...

okay ya'll just always have it all together don't ya!
fun times, lookin' beautiful and trendy as ever! dang, do ya'll ever have bad days?!! j/k!
loved the post and pics!

Brooke Bertalan said...

Claire IS so smart...and witty too. I love that girl. Owen is so precious and sweet all the time. I'm glad I ended up in some pictures from Tara's shower. It was such a fun time that I REALLY didn't want to leave. That will never happen again. No more overbooking myself!!

You throw such great parties! I can't wait for Halloween, but most of all, I can't wait for Dallas!! Have fun in Branson.

Carolyn said...

Oh, how I have missed your posts woman!! I am leaving tonight to go meet my nephew in Charlotte, but hopefully (hint, hint) there will be an update from you when I get back!! ;)
I spoke to B this morning and we are SOOOOO stoked to meet you girls for lunch next Saturday in Dallas!!