Monday, October 6, 2008

"Mama, are we ever going to get to play Wii again??"

That would be Claire's question to me this morning after she woke up and I was quickly getting her and Owen fed, and dressing her for Dance. I don't think we have EVER been as busy as we are now!! Don't get me wrong, I would be whining that I am bored if we weren't so busy, but it has been nuts around here!!! So as the usual Monday are the many pictures of the weekend!!
Friday - We spent the day shopping with Mom, Nina, and Tara. That night Shane had a Poker night here and me and the kids went to Chad and Jennifer's to eat dinner and let the kids play. I forgot the camera that night, but here is a funny shot of Claire and O at the Food Court Friday...
Can't you just feel O's excitement =)!! Now when I break out the camera he starts whining and telling me no...sounds like his Daddy =)!
Saturday - MOM's BIRTHDAY!!! We went to the game with Mom and Jake, the kids stayed with Nina and Papa. Our seats were awesome and the Hogs did really well!! They didn't win, but it was a really good game!!!
This picture is just to show you how close our seats were!! I could hear Tim Tebow from my seat!!The Birthday girl and Poppy!Me and Shane Looks like the boys worked in a nap when we got home.....sweet!That night, we all went out to eat for Mom's Birthday at PF Changs! We took the kids too, so with a 2 hour wait and not eating until 8, you know that makes for a great time =)!! We made the best of it...we probably spent $100 of change in the fountain =)!!

The two cuties all dressed up for a night out =)! Owen is wearing his other new shirt from Bibs and Cribs!! He is our BOSS HOG =)!!Jess, Mom, Me, and Tara...and Claire!Nonna and Poppy!Tara, Claire and Drew!Mom and TaraMe and MomOwen throwing money in the fountain!Claire in action!Me and JessClaire-bear!Me and Shane
Claire belly laughing - if will notice, it is now dark and we are STILL WAITING!! The kids were so good though!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONNA!! We could not go one day without you! You are my savior everyday as you enable me to work from home and still be able to be with the kids everyday!! I would not be able to travel or be away from home without knowing you are there to help with the kids! You are gorgeous and the greatest role model for me, Tara, Nicole and Claire! We love you so much!!! We could not be the women we are today without you!!!

Sunday - Church, then off to Tara's first Bridal Shower!! YAY!!! She had a great shower and it made it all feel so real. She posted tons of pictures, but here a few of my favs too!!
Then I came home from the shower, made cupcakes, decorated and had my Mom's and Papa's family birthday party here. No pictures, because frankly, I did not want to mess with it at the point =). Last night, I was exhausted!! Then next week...and every weekend until the wedding, it will be the same!!! It is going to be fun though!!!

One last thing - No Tutu shot today...I know you are sooooo disappointed!! Claire "was not really feeling" the tutu today. So we broke out some leg warmers (baby legs) and she looked sooooo cute!!!
Here she is with O....he did NOT want his picture taken!! Now - Yes is raining, we are awaiting Daddy to come home so we can play Wii tonight!!
Have a good night!! Ciao!


Mojito Maven said...

One thing I LOVE about our blog are your endless pictures of your family!!! Looks like you had a great weekend!

amywelborn said...

Girl, you ARE busy! Sounds like it was all fun!! I actually thought of you today when I went to 3 Monkeys, they have a whole stack of cute tutus! Maybe one day I'll have a girl so I can buy all the fun stuff!

Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...

Wow! What a weekend! I love all the pictures!

The Heckathorns said...

Girl, you amaze me! LOL! I'm so glad that there is a PF Changs up there b/c if we ever had to move back to NWA (or even visited for a week), I would have major withdrawls! :)

P.S. Tim Tebow is a hottie. He might be too young and I might be married, but he's nice on the eyes. HAHA!

Lane said...

That is crazy about your 2 hour wait!!! Especially that it got dark outside while you were waiting! Thank you for Sunday, you knew just what I needed! Love you Rachel! :)

Jim Ed, Amanda and Addison said...

Boss Hog sure does look cute in that shirt! And I'm so glad you got that dress for Claire! She looks so pretty in it!

Brittney said...

Your mom and sistaz are so cute! I love how much you guys get is just like my family too!!!

So have you talked to Carolyn? The night of the 25th is our 10 year HS reunion...embarrasing, I know, but we are going. Can we get together Friday night or Sunday brunch? WE can do Mimosas!!! I can't let you come down without us getting together!!!

Tara Caire said...

your a super women!! I am SOOO excited for this weekend! I love Claire's leg warmers

Maggie said...

What a weekend!!! Sounds like you guys had a great time. Ya'll had some really great seats at the game; Jeramy has been DYING to go!! He would have loved it!!

Love the Boss Hog shirt - LOVE IT!!!

Carolyn said...

You have such pretty women in your family!!!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Great pics! I love the napping boys, the Owen throwing money in the water...with the fingers holding his shirt, ha!! I would have done the same thing. And LOVE the leg warmers! I want to break some out! Too bad it's still in the 90s here :)

Jessica said...

Cute pictures!!! Last weekend was so much fun. Can't wait for this weekend. The football game looked fun. That's the only way I can watch a game. Funny how Owen doesn't like the camera any more he used to cheese all the time. Love flash dance girl - you know I LOVE the 80's!!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

very sweet. yall are too cute!

Nicole said...

OK I am wwwaaayyyy behind on commenting... my apologies.. so I'm going to comment on all of the blogs i've missed in one comment.. :)

1. That is hilarious that Claire plays with all the boys in school! She's just a little pimp! And Owen is the cutest little monster i know! He always pulls the F key out!
2. The 7 random things about you make me laugh! We're all so much alike! except i don't collect pigs... yet!
3. I did not know you took a picture of a random couple at Bikes blues and BBQ!! hahahaha thats awesome!
4. LOVE that pink tutu of Claire has on! Sara's Tutus are adorable!!
5. Claire is the funniest person I know... Lets pray for a baby girl?!?! hahahaha she's smarter than some of my friends!
6. Claire and Owen are the cutest things ever.. the this little piggy pictures make me smile!!
7. Those leg warmers are great!! Claire is stylin'! :)
8. The pictures from mom's birthday are soooo good! I wish I was there :(
9. Claire, I'll come play wii with you whenever you want!
10. All the awards are so cute and creative! I'm going to have to make my blog, Srubs and Dubs, so I can start receiving awards too!!

Brooke Bertalan said...

I love the pictures of Shane and Owen sleeping, and of Claire hugging Owen. So sweet! I love these children.