Thursday, July 24, 2008

Girl's Week!!

I have been slow on blogging usual it is crazy around here. Shane was out of town the first of the week after a busy weekend, and Nicole came home from Joplin for the week!! YAY!! Nicole is busy with nursing school and working at the hospital, so she does not get to come home as often. Neil is out of town this week, so she came home to spend time with us (and bring little Winston, who is not that little anymore, puppies grow so fast =()!! I absolutely love spending time with my sisters (Mom too!)!! They are my very best friends!! We have so much fun and Claire is in heaven!! She loves them, mostly because they buy her things and spoil her rotten =)! So we have spent pretty much every night this week all together (both sis's, dogs in tote, spending the night here =)), going out to eat, enjoying a few beverages, and staying up late planning Tara's Bachelorette Party and looking through MySpace pages (hehe)! It has been a great week!! Since it has been mostly a girl week (Shane just got home last night, but he is used to us and I think deep down actually enjoys spending time with the crazy sisters), below are some cute pictures of Claire and the girls. Owen is just his usual awnry self and getting into anything and everything...he won't even stop long enough for a quick picture!!

These first 3 pictures are so cute...we went by Victoria's Secret last night - Did you know that they are selling College apparel in the PINK line now? I just got some adorable short gray sweat Razorback pants, but they also have PINK logo, they are so CUTE!! Brittney - I soooo see a pair in your future, I know your hubby would appreciate them =)....ANYWAYS, Claire went with us and Nicole bought her some lip gloss. The associate gave Claire her own bag for her gloss and Claire thought she was something! Of course, Tara had her camera in her purse and got these great shots!! Erin and Megan would be so proud!!

Walking out of the store, bag in hand, such a big girl (sniff sniff)...

If you look close at her arm, she is all sparkly...Tara hooked her up with some kind of sparkle poof thing in VS=).

Last night after all the kiddos and hubby went to bed, just hanging out...I am still jealous that they both got these cute jerseys at VS, they only had theirs and we could not find me one!!! I think this is an awesome shot of my gorgeous sisters!!

We always say that dogs look like their owners =)...Sadie on the left, looks just like Tara's Drew, and Winston looks just like Neil....I am sure they would not agree =).
But who does he look like????? =)... I have a new Claire quote:

This morning, I am running around picking up the house and Claire is laying on the couch watching TV...

Claire: "Mama, I was thinking. You know how you always forget to water my plant?"
She has a plant that she planted in VBS, just the seed in soil and Shane insisted that we water it and let it grow. Well, lets just say that watering this little plant does not always make it to my to do list.

Mama: "Uh-huh"

Claire: "I think we should get an Akaglub."

Mama: "A what??"

Claire: "AN AKAGLUB!! It waters the plant for you, just stick it in the soil and you don't have to remember!! We can get it in your favorite color red!!"

Mama: "Do you mean an Aqua-globe? The one on TV?"

Claire: "YES!! AN AKAGLUB!!!"


Tara Caire said...

omg i sooo died laughing when i read the claire quote... so did drew.. that girl is too funny .. drew said
"shane has some trouble in his hands" haha
yeah claire butters up her aunts so easily.... tara.... "how about we go to build a bear".. "we will just look" haha suuuuure

Supabloggasuprememama said...

laugh out loud hilarious. I totally want one of those!!!!

The Brown Family said...

LOL!! That is so funny what Claire said! I have seen that info-mercial...thought about getting one for myself...let me know how it turns out! haha :) And I am shocked with that plant/tree/whatever it is supposed to be! Sterlings didn't make it past the day he brought it home!

Jessica said...

Aqua-globe? I still don't know what that is - so Claire's really smart! When I first read the story I thought it was one of Claire's made up words.