Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fireworks and ear plugs!

Before I get to the mountain of pictures from our vacation, I want to first include the 4th of July shots. We were preparing to leave late that night for Gulf Shores, but we did have a mini celebration before we left (there were 4th of July outfits that needed to worn and pictures taken =)). Fortunately, there was a huge fireworks display in the neighborhood next to us to watch, as well I believe that all of our surrounding neighbors spent thousands of dollars on fireworks!! We just sat in our culdesac and it sounded as if we were in a war zone. Poor Claire, she had no fingernails left by the end of the night from her nervousness. Here some cute pictures!

Most of the pictures, neither child is smiling, VERY uneasy about all of the popping and booming surrounding them =), but they look adorable in their Red, White and Blue!!
Now we are happy, Daddy saved the day and found some ear plugs!!!

...and Owen is out!


Tara said...

im beginning to think claire is more like me everyday! But i didnt even like ear plugs when I was around fireworks!

Connie Garrick said...

We should protect our children from loud noise. Be sure you would use the best quality earplugs to protect their hearing.