Monday, June 10, 2013

Schools out for the SUMMER!

School is out!!! Yay for longer days, later bed times and no schedule!!!  The kids ended the year fabulously and we could not be more proud!!! 
Last days of school for each kid...

Lots of summer fun!!!

Sitting in the closet waiting out the weather :(

 Taught the kids Texas Hold 'em :)

Even got in a date night :)
 We had one rough night - Bree flew head first off her bike and busted her head open in two spots :(.  Shane was traveling and I was stuck in traffic trying to get home from work so Nonna was the rock star that handled it!! Bree is much better now and handling it like a boss :)

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Kelli P said...

I absolutely love those black floral jeans you are wearing in the picture with your son. May I ask (beg to know!!!) where you got them? Thanks doll!