Monday, June 10, 2013

My Dancing Girls!

Recital weekend was a couple weeks ago.  This my FAVORITE dance event of the year and it was taken to  a whole new level this year because sweet baby girl Bree danced too!!  I have to say, I was holding my breath because I was not sure she would actually do it.  She has always watched Claire on stage and loves dance class, but I was nervous.  Saturday was dress rehearsal and she blew my mind when she got up there and danced her heart out!!! It was another one of those moments that my heart about burst out of my chest!!! She loved it!!!  So needless to say, she did so well at the recital and we were all beaming with pride over our not so little girl anymore!!!  The best part? She LOVED it!!! Everyone was dying as she danced in the finale and was jumping up and down and having the best time :).  Claire rocked the stage per usual and even after all these years, she still makes me cry when I watch her on stage.  She continues to grow every year and we could not be more proud!!!  Now let's get to the big hair, too much make up pictures that just slay me :).....LOVE these kids!!!

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