Monday, November 5, 2012

Trick or Treat is FUN!

Happy November!! As I listen to Christmas music at my desk, I am ready to post Halloween pics :).  

The kids are so fun at this age at every holiday, but Halloween probably takes the cake.  Bree finally gets all this hoopla and said over and over again "Trick or Treat is DUN" (fun).  So sweet!! 

First - Shane and I got to dress up this year.  Our good friends the Curtis' had a halloween party for the adults and we dressed as characters from Shane's fave tv show, Sons of Anarchy :)

We carved a pumpkin....well Daddy carved and we played around and acted goofy :)

Halloween Eve - Owen was playing dead :)
Halloween treats waiting on the kids after school on Halloween...
And finally, my two Geisha Girls and their Ninja :)...

 Bree was so good about letting me do her make up - She loved it!! I was a hot mess afterwards - Halloween is so exhausting for parents!!!!
 The pups were festive too :)

Now bring on the Christmas festivities!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I just popped in my 1st Christmas CD this morning while driving my son to school !!! Ealry I know but I love the season ! Such cute costumes !!

Kate Cee from Mrs. Monologues said...

Look at how awesome all your costumes were! I agree, bring on Christmas.