Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stinky Bird and Tattoos

Need a laugh on this glorious Tuesday (sarcasm font)??

So last night, the kids were playing outside in the backyard when Owen comes in and announces "We found a dead bird!".  Shane says "Did you touch it?! Go wash your hands?".  He gets up to go see what in the world they are doing with said deceased bird. Shane goes outside to find that the dead bird is in a bucket full of water where the kids were bathing it because "it stunk".

After a thorough cleaning, the kids were sent upstairs to bed and all was well.

Later I hear the sink running in the bathroom upstairs and tell Shane to check on them (I could not of course because I had just spray tanned and could not get my bronzed skin wet for 12 hours :)).  He walks into the bathroom to find Owen standing there with his back to door, getting his booty cheeks wiped by Claire where  "Owen" was tattoo-ed across his booty with black eyeliner.  Shane catches their attention causing Owen to turn around and Shane sees he has a drawn on black mustache as well...

Never a dull moment I tell ya....and yes I will tell the second story until the day I die and plan on embarrassing them in front of future boy/girl friends forever with it.

Now the only question is where in the world did Claire see to tattoo a name across one's buttocks :)...???


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Sunkissed and Southern said...

Oh my word!!

Ashley said...

This sounds like something that would have went on at my house HA!! My fav part is the self tanner lol