Monday, July 9, 2012

Red, White, and the BEACH

We just got back from our beach vacation to the Destin for Claire's Dance Nationals competition!  We had so much fun and I have many pics to share!  First - I cannot forget the 4th of July festivities

We were gone on the 4th, so we wanted to make sure and spend time with the fam before we left - so we all went to the Fireworks at the Crosses and dinner!

 Then we left on Tuesday for the beach!

 4th of July with friends!

 Dance competition fun!

 One last day at the beach...

 Homeward bound!
I am exhausted today!  So thankful for my happy family!


Amy said...

looks like y'all had a blast! and girl, that bree is a hoot!! her little personality just cracks me up. some of those faces are worthy of a high school girl's facebook page - haha! love her!

Ashley said...

Claire's hair is getting so long and pretty! I hope you didn't let Bree drive all the way to the beach. :) Glad you guys had a great holiday!

Kari Beth said...

Precious pictures! Love the girls 4th outfits. Precious. Your momma is so talented!