Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gum Balls and Country Music

So last night, we jumped with both feet in and put Bree in big girl panties - she was proud :)
She did go potty once in the potty - but we have had many accidents since - Thank the Lord for Nonna home with her!  Claire also is helping a ton and taking to her the potty all the time.  Santa brought Bree a gumball machine just for potty training. Well when I told her she gets gum if she goes potty, she was READY...I also told Claire and Owen they could only have gum if she goes - I found Owen encouraging B in the bathroom  minutes later :)....let's see if this works...fingers crossed!!!!

Last Friday night, we all went to a Luke Bryan concert and had SO much fun!!  Confession - I don't listen to country music.  I just liked the idea of an outdoor concert sans children :)...well I loved it and since then, my Pandora station has been rocking Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Zac Brown Band etc.  I was missing out.  Well, we had a lot of fun Friday and well the pictures prove it...what can I say, we enjoy ourselves :))

Yes, I wore a headband / turban thingy - and I loved it.  I am enjoying stepping out of my fashion comfort zone lately - it's fun!  The only thing missing from this night was Boni and Travis :(

Last - an update on my girl Boni - she is still in the hospital.  She has one more surgery and she should be home no later than 10-14 days.  She is rocking physical therapy and can get around pretty good.  We are up there as much as we can be - tonight, we are having a girls night in her hospital room :)...should be fun!

I leave you with Bree's commentary on the Miss USA pageant Sunday...:)

Happy Wednesday!!!


Brittney said...

Love Bree's video! I thought some of the girls were pretty and some were turdy as well!:)

Kia said...

"She's so turdy" - that's hilarious!!! So cute!!

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

Love me some Luke Bryan!

Meka H said...

That video is too cute! Glad to hear that Boni's making progress in PT. Thats GREAT news.

Jennifer said...

How cute are you in your headband?! You look so chic :)