Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gum Balls and Country Music

So last night, we jumped with both feet in and put Bree in big girl panties - she was proud :)
She did go potty once in the potty - but we have had many accidents since - Thank the Lord for Nonna home with her!  Claire also is helping a ton and taking to her the potty all the time.  Santa brought Bree a gumball machine just for potty training. Well when I told her she gets gum if she goes potty, she was READY...I also told Claire and Owen they could only have gum if she goes - I found Owen encouraging B in the bathroom  minutes later :)....let's see if this works...fingers crossed!!!!

Last Friday night, we all went to a Luke Bryan concert and had SO much fun!!  Confession - I don't listen to country music.  I just liked the idea of an outdoor concert sans children :)...well I loved it and since then, my Pandora station has been rocking Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Zac Brown Band etc.  I was missing out.  Well, we had a lot of fun Friday and well the pictures prove it...what can I say, we enjoy ourselves :))

Yes, I wore a headband / turban thingy - and I loved it.  I am enjoying stepping out of my fashion comfort zone lately - it's fun!  The only thing missing from this night was Boni and Travis :(

Last - an update on my girl Boni - she is still in the hospital.  She has one more surgery and she should be home no later than 10-14 days.  She is rocking physical therapy and can get around pretty good.  We are up there as much as we can be - tonight, we are having a girls night in her hospital room :)...should be fun!

I leave you with Bree's commentary on the Miss USA pageant Sunday...:)

Happy Wednesday!!!


Brittney said...

Love Bree's video! I thought some of the girls were pretty and some were turdy as well!:)

Kia said...

"She's so turdy" - that's hilarious!!! So cute!!

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

Love me some Luke Bryan!

Anonymous said...

That video is too cute! Glad to hear that Boni's making progress in PT. Thats GREAT news.

Jennifer said...

How cute are you in your headband?! You look so chic :)