Monday, June 25, 2012

Boni is back!

Happy Monday - in the very loosest sense of those words :)....the only thing getting me through today is that this time this week my party of  five will be beach bound.  Please Lord let this week fly by :)!

Shane had to travel this weekend so it was just the four of us.  We got through the weekend with minimal meltdowns...and the kids only had a few too :).  Friday night we hung out at Nonna and Poppy's, sitting on the patio.

Saturday, the kids and I hung out with Boni and her girls all day.  We had so much fun catching up and letting the kids run wild :).  That night, we took Boni out for her first girls night since she got home. She looked gorgeous! We all laughed and had the best time and my heart was full because my bestie is back in action...including making fun of my food choices and taking funny pics with me :)...

Pretty good weekend :)...

By the way - you have plans this weekend...go check Suburban Strut for the details :)!
Have a great day!!

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