Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Days are Here Again!!!

Holla!!  Finally - school is out and summer has begun! 

I mean seriously, THIRD GRADER, WHAT?!
The Snow Cones stands opened!!!

 We bought a new sprinkler and are spending many hours outside playing (well Mama is at work, but the kids are living it up!)
 I mean seriously.  I die!

 Played so hard Monday, Bree passed out at dinner...whilst eating :)
 Happiness :)
"I am going to sonic Mama, want an ice cream cone?" 
 And mean ole mama won't get the sprinkler out at 8pm :)
 Summer nails...
 Tball nights...big boy playing a the pitcher's mound
Got to see our sweet niece Bailey and Brooke!
Went to Nicole and Aaron's Stock the Bar Pool Party..

Summer is off to a great start!


Sunkissed and Southern said...

Bree is too cute with passing out at dinner & wanting the sprinkler at night!

Meka H said...

Glad the kids summer is starting off GREAT!!! You haven't done an update on Boni lately. How is she doing?

Brandi said...

The pic with all 3 babes...soooo stinkin' cute!! WOOHOO for summer!

Karleen said...

Your family is so adorable!

I love your yellow dress!

Tammy said...

Yay for summerTIME !!! We are loving it here too !!! Lots of fun stuff planned :) Loving the pink nails !!!

Nancy said...

Your blog is precious!!
Brown is my maiden name!
Love that nail color :)