Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The REAL Mother's Day Wishlist

I read one of my fave blogs yesterday and she gave me a great blog idea. AP at I Love You More Than Carrots wrote her true Mother's Day wish list and it cracked me up!  I thought to myself, what would I ask for if the sky was the limit....

1. A full night's sleep + a full morning's sleep. What does that mean? Sleep all night without a child pulling my hair or slapping my face, without a dog roaming the covers at 3am, and truthfully without a husband snoring (he can sleep in the next room of the huge hotel suite I am staying in :)).  Then when I wake up at 7am and think I need to get up for work or deal with rug rats, another full morning of sleeping in, with breakfast of Belgium waffles with whipped cream and warm syrup delivered to my bedside at 11am...by said husband in a full suit and tie. :)

2.  Mommy make over - tummy tuck, breast lift, lipo, and veneers.  All at once and with absolutely no pain and zero recovery time.

3.  A humongous, new diamond, wedding ring.  Like, we are talking 5 carat, princess cut, blinding diamond!  Oh and the same size earrings to match.

4.  A Birkin bag.  Bright orange with an Hermes scarf tied to it.

5.  Vacation to Tahiti with Shane - Like Kardashian style - private villa on the water with our own staff serving frozen drinks non stop.  Then, Bachelor style dinners every night with the fantasy suite too!

6.  Vacation to NYC with my girlfriends, mom, and sisters - all expense paid, unlimited credit cards for each of us, and dinner planned with the cast of Gossip Girl. My assigned seat next to Chuck Bass. The next night, private dinner with the Yankees starting line up...

7. A personal chef - one that will cook each of us our own meal every night.  That way, Owen will always get hot dogs or chicken and Bree will get pancakes :). Oh and said chef will remove all calories in my meals without sacrificing an ounce of taste :).

8.  A beach home in Gulf Shores- fully furnished for my whole family.

I guess that is all! :) What do yall want? For real?????!!!


Taylor said...

I'll take one of each of those also!!! Love it!!!

Lauren said...

IF only! I'd take it all and I'm not even a mom!! Somehow I feel like lack of sleep is inevitable between dogs, bf's responsibility, and cell phone alerts!!

Ashley Paige said...

Love it!! We totally deserve it, right??!! :)

The Howell's said...

FABULOUS list! Love it!