Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy things

Happy Tuesday!  Wow - November 15th!!  Craziness!!!  Every year I say this, and I will say it again, but this time of year just flies by!!  I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible and live in the moment, rather than be stressed out and running from here and there.  So far, so good *fingers crossed*  So what are some of my happy/favorite things lately??....

My favorite holiday lotion this year? Pink Sugarplum from B&BW.  My favorite lip gloss?  CO Bigelow - Gingerbread Latte (also from B&BW).  I keep a small bottle of lotion and a tube at my desk and they instantly make me happy!!!
 This sweet girl is making me so happy!!  She was a HUGE help with the Christmas decorating this weekend.  Seriously yall.  I don't think I hung but a handful of ornaments, she did them for me!!  She is absolutely obsessed with the little hand sanitizers from B&BW and has them hanging on every one of her bags :).  Growing up too fast!  This is a picture of her when we all went with Nicole to pick out a wedding dress and she is giving a big thumbs up :).

 I got this cute wireless mouse Hobby Lobby and I love it.  Nothing like a little bling on your desk :)...
 LOVE my new Erin Condren cell phone case!  Yes, it is already scratched up.  Welcome to the family pretty iphone case :)
 My Family Holiday Planner - along with my Home Organization Binder and Life Planner, this is my go to binder these days!!!!  Inside, I have the 100 Days to Christmas book and that has helped me so much in my Christmas planning. I have all my shopping pretty much done, Christmas cards ordered and ready to be addressed, meals and parties planned, wrapping bought,  and advent calendar in process.  Per the e-book, I have my budget, card lists, gift ideas and gifts bought listed in the binder. Like I said before, my house is festive as well :)  It is not too late to start this process and I HIGHLY recommend it if you are like me and usually stressed over the holiday season.  Leave me a comment if you have any questions!
 Got my nails filled yesterday and I love my color!  "Can you tapas this?".
 I LOVE the Michael Buble Holiday station on Pandora!! 
 My boy!! He is OBSESSED with Christmas and it makes my heart swell :)!  He gets up every morning and goes around and plugs in all the lights and is just so happy about it.  He has a Thanksgiving program this week and he is PUMPED about it!  How can one not love Owen Brown?!
 My grown up Christmas list....
 I have been spending too much time stuck in the Starbucks drive thru in the mornings all in the name of a pretty red cup :)
 This sweet baby had a rough week and was sick all week.  She was so hoarse and miserable and we all babied her so much. Now she is SPOILED rotten and is a mess :).  She knows how to work our group that is for sure.  She is loving removing all her favorite ornaments from the trees...love my little stinker :)))
Have a great day and drink a warm drink while wearing yummy lip gloss and listening to a Christmas song...it will do a world of good :)


Anonymous said...

Rachel will you give more insight on how you set up your binder/holiday planner? I thought I was organized until.... I am stressed now about Christmas shopping and every year I say I am going to start early. Did the book recommend things you should have done by a certain time?

Johannah said...

Love reading your blog! You are super stylish and your children are adorable! I also *love* your holiday planner/binder, what a great idea! I'm so unorganized it's terrible! HA The new nailpolish color is perfect for the Holidays!! =)