Monday, November 21, 2011

Glamp On Glampers!

Happy Thanksgiving week!!  Thanksgiving week is my favorite!  8 years ago, Thanksgiving became more than about turkey, dressing, no work etc - it reminds me of the birth of Claire!  Her birthday is a week from today, but we had her friend party this weekend!  We had a "Glamping Party Sleepover" opposed to a Camping party :).  I found the idea and Tara ran with it!! It turned out perfect and the kids had a great time!  There are so many fun details, but you will see them all in the many pictures Tara got for you go!

Cannot believe my baby girl is going to be 8!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!


Brandi said...

Seriously, cutest party ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Anglin Family said...

Cute!! We are planning a glamping party for Laiken's 9th birthday in February! Saw it on Pinterest and loved it!!
Great pictures:)

Kelly's Avenue said...

What a fun looking party Claire had!!!

Lisa said...

You guys always have the best parties! This is too cute!!! I can't believe how big Bree is getting either. I swear she was just born yesterday.