Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, woohoo!!!  Reasons why I am happy today....

1.  Yall I won something! Sweet Tess at Savoir Faire, a fabulous local boutique, gave me a $50 gift card! I entered a contest for $500 and did not win, but she still gave a few more prizes!  If you have never heard or seen of this boutique, go to their facebook page will not be disappointed!  This fabulous boutique is just around the way on the Fayetteville square from my other fave, RiffRaff (yall should know that one by now :))  I have many pieces from here and they are simply effortless! Tess has such an eye for fashion and knows how to dress a woman.  I love that I can buy something from there that can go from work, to being a mom, to a girls night out with ease. 
Plus, these two beauties are so helpful and make your shopping experience so great! 

Go on - shop away!

2.  Yesterday was Owen's school program. He was a lion :)  Sweetest boy in the world :)!  He even had a speaking part! He said "some animals are BIG!".  Love love love LOVE him!

3.  Tonight, Shane and I have a date night with our favorites, Boni and Travis.  Thank heaven for grandparents that will take the kids so we can have some time to ourselves.  Between Mom saving my butt this week getting Claire ready for dance pictures on top of everything else she does for my kids and Keith and Becky watching the kids tonight, me and Shane are able to keep our sanity and know that our kids are happy too :)

4.  I love me some Etsy. I buy lots of jewelry and such there, but one of my friends started up her own shop of kids clothes that is TO DIE FOR!!  She just posted a bunch of stuff today that made me so giddy knowing that Bree will be donning a few of my this one!

Kari Beth has made tons of stuff for my kids and we love her at Casa de Brown, but this stuff in her shop is fantastic!  Her shop is called Ellie and Ollie and you can find it here on Etsy (plus you have to go see her GORGEOUS little girl / model) :).  Go ahead - shop on lovelies!
5.  One of my most favorite bloggers and one that I have followed the longest has had a big month.  Amy and Dusty just adopted a sweet girl. I think I can speak for many bloggers and say that we have all cried and prayed with Amy over the last few years.  I am SO HAPPY for them and love how the Lord has used her to help so many others in this process.  She finally got to take LC back home today for the first time and I had tears of joy for her.  Praise the Lord and how He ALWAYS listens and answers prayers! Go read about their journey...

Only a few more weeks of school left, snow cone stands are starting to open, and a Cinco De Mayo party is being planned are just a few more happies!  Have a great weekend!!

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