Thursday, June 30, 2011

Peas in a Pod

I think my kiddos are adorable.   Of course, I do.  I am their Mama.  But I REALLY do :).  Adorable yes, ornery little hethens?  Well, yeah sometimes.  But adorable.  Absolutely YUMMY!

Our life usually revolves around Claire's extracurricular activities lately, that the other two are just along for the ride.  They are such buds, Owen and Bree.  They love Claire, but they are two peas in a pod....well Bree sees it that way.  Owen sees it more like edamame and is ready for Bree to be shucked out sometimes :).  Bree LOVES Owen.  She mimics everything he does and follows him around.  She calls him "Bobo" and I love it.  He calls her "Bree-bell", with a strong southern accent and I LOVE it! 

Owen is so sweet and quite emotional for a male :).  Just last night, he had a complete meltdown in the chicfila drive thru because we were ordering and he was yelling "CHICKEN SANDWICH WITH NO PICKLES" over and over again and thought we did not hear him.  He got his sandwich, sans pickles.  He is constantly outside and is really independent.  He thinks anything one says with passion is a "bad word".  For example: I tell Shane "That is riDICuLOUs".  Owen asks "Is ridiculous a bad word?".  We almost always say yes :).

Bree is talking up a storm.  She repeats everything we say and it is hilarious.  One of her most favorite activities right now is to swing.  She will go to the back door and say "I wanna go weeeeeee!  I wanna go weeeee!".  I LOVE it when she says that.  If you say her name getting onto her, she will either yell "WHAT?" or HEY!".  I don't love that.  She eats about 5 Popsicles a day and as soon as she sees any drive thru she says "I want ticken now".  So kind, that little girl :). 

We are coming to the point in our life where we would usually be getting pregnant again.  It seems strange that there are no more babies for us.  I know I got my tubes tied for a reason and I more than happy with my three munchkins, but it feels weird at times to know we are done.  Probably why I am spoiling B rotten and not one bit of guilt in me.  I wish all three of them would stay this age forever.  Seriously.  We are having so much fun right now and I would not change anything.  Well.  Maybe sans diapers and the tantrums.  And the fighting.  And the baby still in bed with us.  And Claire's attitude.  Nope.  I'll keep it all as long as they could stay with us like this FOREVER :).

Almost the holiday weekend!!!!  Do you have your red white and blue ready???  You know I do, times 3!!!!!

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