Monday, July 26, 2010

Beach Bums 2010

Happy Summer yall!!! Hope yours has been great! We have had a great summer so far, very busy, but great!! So let's get started with pictures of my most favorite people in the whole wide world!!!!

We went drove to Myrtle Beach last month (read almost 2 months ago, but I am in blog denial :)) and had a blast!!!! The kids did great....if you don't count Claire's trip to the ER due to a sore on her head that we thought was a bite (GROSS and it was just a bad reaction to her getting hit in the head by Owen with a toy car :), Owen was terrified of the water and had to be drug to the beach everyday and lastly, once we thought we lost him, only to be found playing pool downstairs :)....but other than those few things, FANTASTIC VACAY!! Bree was great, she napped on the beach, ate whatever she wanted and loved it!! Claire lived in a swimsuit, hardly ever left the ocean, and cried when we left! Owen still had fun, drinking as much "Dr Dew" as he wanted, spending time with Daddy, Poppy, Aaron and Drew and pretty much doing whatever he wanted! The girls were brown as biscuits by the time we got home :)! Here are a bunch of pictures, in complete backwards order, of our first few days....I will post more shortly!!! If you are still reading the ole blog, I promise these are some of the cutest pictures you will ever see (yes, there are many more of B than any other and very few of O...Owen would not take pictures, Claire was too busy and we pretty much just sat around (drank a few tropical drinks) and posed Bree in as many pics as possible)!! Thanks Tara!!!


Kristy said...

Oh my goodness! The kids are SO cute! And I could just eat Bree up!
The beach is gorgeous.... so wish I was a beach bum! :)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such cute photos!Looks like you guys had a blast!

Boni said...

When you said pics of your fav people in the world, I expected to see a huge photo of ME! JUST KIDDING!

I'm so glad you are posting these. You look FABULOUS in your beach pics! I'm jealous!

Charbelle said...

I'm at work it's slow, your kids are too cute so I was browsing. The owenism's are fabulous!! The beach pictures, aahhh I live in NC and unfortunately haven't made it to the beach this summer, I miss it!!
Hope you're having a fabulous Friday. I take it that since Owen started school this week he did eventually get potty trained :)