Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Program!

Seems like I am doing a lot of posts about Claire lately, but she is a busy girl!!! Last week was her Kindergarten Thanksgiving program and Feast at school! She loved it!!! Here are some pictures...She was a pilgrim lady =)!! She is in the middle, smiling =)
Claire said "I am thankful for my entire family!"Claire and her cute daddy!Me and my girl!

Claire's teacher gave us the cutest assignment...we were to give Claire her indian name as parents. Indians apparantly named their children per the circumstances, weather, location, etc the day they were born. Claire agreed with me and Shane that "Turkey Chaser" would be the perfect seeing as she was born the day after Thanksgiving =)! She was proud!!! I keep on saying it, but they grow up sooooooo fast!!!!!! Can't believe she will be 6 on Saturday!!!


Kristy said...

Cute little Turkey Chaser! ;)
I love those programs- the kids are so sweet!

In this wonderful life... said...

How cute!! looks like she had a great time! She is beautifully growing up!!

Jenn said...

How precious! and you took terrific!

aWare said...

Too fun! She is a big girl and a sweet one too! I love that hand on the carseat, I bet she was proud to show off her family! Love "Turkey Chaser"!!

Ashley said...

Go Claire! She is the cutest! ;)