Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Trees!!!

So, if you read Tara's blog, she summed it pretty well that we are pretty much insane when it comes to Christmas trees. Between me, Mom, and Tara, we have 16 trees!! My mom raised us with many Christmas trees growing up in our house and now we have carried the tradition on with our families. Go check Tara out, she put up pics of hers and they are gorgeous! So she has been begging me to put pics of mine up. I have just now finally put all the finishing touches on them....and my house is clean as we had our small group Christmas Party here tonight! I try to do as many things at our house during Christmas since I love to decorate and do so much. I work so hard and I want to celebrate all season!! So here are pictures of our many Christmas is hard to take pics of trees as you cannot get the full effect, but you will get the idea =)!!

The main tree in the living room - This is the family tree and decorations. This tree has all of our family ornaments and is all different colors! I love doing these decorations as I feel like they are for the kids and they really enjoy them!! There are candy ornaments and drums and different fun things like that on the tree. Since I had Owen I have added all the blue and I really love how it has turned out!

I love the top of this tree - it says Believe!The mantle! The little pillows say "Dear Santa, Leave the gifts, take my brother" and vice versa =)!Top of the entertainment center.StaircaseTable decor - I bought this tree this year!Breakfast nook table - Cute Dr Suess tree, snowman candles that Owen and Claire think are the funniest things ever and the Gingerbread houses we made tonight with our group. I will post about that later!Miss Claire's tree!! Owen usually has one, but this year he is into everything and it would not last a day =)! Claire's tree matches her room and is very very girly!! My favorite thing on this tree is the pair Ralph Lauren black slipper shoes she wore as a baby!! They were my favorite shoes she ever wore and I love them on this tree!! Maybe I will have another little girl to wear these one day!!Dining Room Tree - This tree is my most formal tree - black, red, apple green and leopard! It did not photograph well, but it is really pretty!! The decor in my dining room...The office tree -I LOVE this tree!! It is kind of new this year, I combined two trees to make this one!! It has all jewel tones from pink to purple to copper to turquoise!! Tons of fun and different!!BTW - This is my office where I work and where I am right now and almost every time I blog. That picture to the right of Marilyn is an actual vintage L'Oreal ad from Paris...
Master bedroom - Shane and I have a chocolate brown room and it is done in coppers and golds, so this tree is very natural and dark. I love how romantic it feels and I especially love our stockings that I keep in our room that match. We always have our own Christmas, just the two of us emptying our stockings on Christmas Eve after Santa is done =)!

Yes the kids have stockings, but I have not hung them yet as Oscar's is not ready =)!

This is the front of our house! I changed it up this year and added all colors, even some colored lights. Shane lines the house and we do lights in our bushes. Owen just looks out the dining room window amazed that we have a snowman just sitting outside! Claire actually helped me do most the trees this year!!

I cannot tell you how happy I am this time of year!! I am so thankful for my family and my home!! I love to just sit in the house, wrapped up with the kids and just enjoy it!!

Tara tagged me with a Christmas Tag...

1. What is your favorite Christmas Movie? Santa Claus is coming to town and Miracle on 34th Street
2. Favorite Christmas Song? O Holy Night and Jingle Bells
3. Favorite Holiday Memory? Mom making sugar cookies
4. What kind of cookie/treat do you like to make? Sugar Cookies and fudge!
6. Do you love Starbucks? YES!! Love all the mint ones and I LOVE the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate right now!!

7.What makes the perfect Snowman? Top Hat to make him come to life =)
8. Best gift you have ever given? Anything I give the kids make me happy!!
9. Best gift you have ever received? Shane - God's gift to me the day after Christmas was our first date - 1996 and the charm bracelet he gave me with charms for the kids and our wedding day!!
10. What is the snowman's name on Rudolph? Sam
11.Silver or Gold? Gold
12. What is your favorite Christmas decoration? Big sparkly Christmas trees!!!
13. What's your Christmas decorating style? You just saw it everything - the bigger and more glitter the better!!
14. Do you hang stockings? YES!!
15. How many days do you celebrate Christmas? The kids started watching Christmas movies right after Halloween!!
16. What do you want this year? A date with Shane to a nice restaurant and Rock Band =)
17. What was your favorite ornament on the tree as a child? My baby ornament!

I tag - Carolyn, Brittney, and Kristy!

BTW - If you were playing "Where's Owen?" in the above pictures, he was spotted 2 times =)!

Have a great night!!!


Dallas said...

Fabulous! I get tired just decorating one tree. You have really outdone yourself!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love all your trees! Such a great decorator!

Maggie said...

Everything looks amazing, Rachel!! Oh my gosh, that has got to take DAYS to put up. Do you decorate them all from scratch or put them away with stuff on them and then fluff them when you take them out? Wow, it's all so pretty - esp, with the lights off!!! Love it!!

Tara Gibson said...

so pretty! I have so much to learn! My fav i think is the dining room and then claries! Those shoes are soooooo adorable! The outside looks great too!

The Heckathorns said...

Lovely! :) I can't beleive how many trees! I'm not so crazy after all! :) I love Claire's tree! Bella doesn't have anything on her tree b/c it's a fiber-optic tree. I might get a few ornaments for it looks too bare! ♥

Megan said...

I love the tradition of you and your hubby opening your stockings in your bedroom on Christmas Eve. That is such a great idea! I love those brown stockings! Beautiful trees!

AmyT said...

love your trees!! I love the office! I think my fav was your bedroom! they look great!

Lauren said...

Oh my word! Your trees are GORGEOUS! Love every one of them!

My name is Megan... said...

Love your trees!!! the decor looks beautiful!!!! Can I hire you?? haha

Brandi said...

Love everything! Your trees are beautiful! Not only am I not that creative, I don't think I'm that patient! I give you lots of credit!! Maybe one day when we get a larger house I can work on adding another tree, until then, I will stick with my small but bare tree! :D

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I am speechless! How amazing is your house??? I love how you've decorated all of your trees. That has to take forever, but oh so worth it! BEAUTIFUL! I love that you and Shane have your own tree in your room. What a good idea! Where do you find all of your cute ornaments??

If I can tell you where Owen is will you come decorate my house for me?? :)

Kristy said...

Your trees are incredible! Wow!!
I really like Claire's... and what I could see of her room- it is CUTE! Have you ever posted pics of it? You know how copy-cat-y I am ! Keira is getting a room make over in March for her birthday. =)
Thanks for tagging me- I'll post it later!

Brittney said... the trees! Do you remember coming to Dallas and me, you, and Baby Claire went shopping for tree decor? That was so much fun!

The house looks great...wish we could come celebrate at a Christmas party there! :(

morewineplease said...

just amazing!


Hey! Thanks for checking on us. My throat is officially SWOLLEN SHUT it scared the crud out of me when I woke up I thought something was stuck in throat!!! Anyways, your calling is definately decorating! Your house looks GORGEOUS! You could have a decorating service!!

amy (metz) walker said...

Unbelievable...I can't believe you have that many trees! I'm doing good to get ONE!

Oh, and your house is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Jessica said...

Everything looks fabulous!!!! Can't wait to see it all in person next week at KQ. I so wish I could do shopping the day after Christmas to get some great deals for next year, because next year is on. I have 3 (2 small 4 foot trees) this year and I want to add 2 - 3 more next year. I got out of hosting Denny's team Christmas party this year (long story - poor planning on Denny, house is tore up and new job, plus broke broke broke) I'm half gald and half sad about not being able to host a party. Went to SSD last night. Love Love Love the blue in that shop. I need all the peacock peices that are on that fake fireplace. I so wish I could be there when all that stuff went on sale.

Chad & Ashley said...

Everything, fabulous, the way I like it!!! WOW!!!!! Hope all is well! ;)

Mrs. Dwiggins said...

I Love ALL your trees! Your talented!!!!!